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Cabecera Programa Adolescencia


Workshop for adolescents between 12 and 16 years of age aiming to prevent and act against sexual abuse that they could suffer or have suffered.


”Play your part!”

Workshop for secondary school students between the 1st and 4th year to work on case studies. It includes the projection of a sexual abuse testimonial video. The aim is to show adolescents what sexual abuse is, help them overcome their fear to talk about situations that may pose a risk, and provide them with self-protection tools.

Adolescents are a high-risk population susceptible to suffering or using one type or another of violence against others. They are therefore a vulnerable group, with increasing risks, resulting from the proliferation and development of technologies and social media that promote phenomena such as grooming or sexting.



Prevent the different forms of mistreatment and abuse among young people.
Encourage them to trust other people to ask for help in cases of abuse.
Promote respectful and non-dependent affective relationships (with their peers and with their family members).
Educate young people in the responsible use of ICTs.
Promote children’s empowerment to acquire interpersonal skills that enable them to develop a positive affective sexual education.


For further information or if interested in starting this programme, do not hesitate to contact us.