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Cabecera Programa Infancia


This prevention programme is aimed at educational and social centres and offers protection tools to children from 4 to 11 years of age.


“¡Estela, grita muy fuerte!”

The story “¡Estela, grita muy fuerte!” helps children between 6 and 11 years of age obtain the necessary tools to act in a case of child sexual abuse. The objective of this activity is that they learn to discriminate risk situations, win respect and ask for help.



Prevent situations of child abuse in general and child sexual abuse in particular.
Convey the importance of respecting one's own rights and those of others.
Explain the importance of taking care of your own body, making yourself respected and respecting the body of others.
Communicate tools and skills for children to act in uncomfortable situations.
Help children to identify a trustworthy person or people to whom they can explain what happened and ask for help.
Encourage communication between the child and the adult.

This activity arises from the story “¡Estela, grita muy fuerte!”, written by Isabel Olid and illustrated by Martina Vanda.

Teaching Guide

"Grita muy fuerte"

We deepened and amplify the message of the storyteller with the teaching guide “Grita muy fuerte”. This material is addressed to professionals in the educational field so that they can work with the minors about their rights and protection against sexual abuse.


"Exploring with Nil"

Prevention programme for educational and social centres to provide tools to children aged 4 and 5 to protect themselves from child sexual abuse.
The activities are designed to provide tools to children and avoid future abusive situations, encouraging them to say NO in events of uncomfortable situations and to ask trustworthy people for help.



Detect risk behaviours and situations.
Learn to ask for help and identify trustworthy people.
Learn to communicate what they like and what they do not like.
Know and respect their body.
Acknowledge and express feelings.


"Protection Adventures"

Prevention programme addressed to leisure and free time centres with entertainment activities for children from 6 to 11 years of age. It consists of 3 activities based on age:

"Exploring the jungle" (6-8 years old).

"The treasure island" (9-10 years old).

"Investigating the RANA case" (10-11 years old).


Identify private parts and respect privacy.
Express and acknowledge feelings and emotions.
Offer tools to ask for help and identify
trustworthy people.


For further information or if interested in starting this programme, do not hesitate to contact us.