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Cabecera Programa Familias


Talk to raise awareness among parents, family members and adults in general about child sexual abuse.


"Sexual abuse awareness and prevention"

This talk allows us to raise awareness among adults about child sexual abuse and our entity as a resource in the community.

We know that a smooth communication and a good bond between parents and children are two basic pillars to prevent child sexual abuse. We provide guidelines to enhance the affective bond with children and to approach the issue of sexuality with the children.

We also talk about the risks associated with the use of the internet and information and communication technologies.



Present Fundación RANA as a resource in our community.
Foster the bond between parents and children.
Provide guidelines to parents on how to talk about sexuality.
Know the risks to which minors are exposed on the internet.
Raise awareness and involve this group to act against child sexual abuse.
Offer different resources to act.


For further information or if interested in starting this programme, do not hesitate to contact us.